144hz and 60hz dual monitor fix

144hz And 60hz Dual Monitor Fix

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I've changed from a 3 monitor set up main in the middle at hz and two 60hz monitors on either side. I tried all fixes igpu, hardware acceleration, GPU scaling, nvidiaprofileinspector.

Since then I have massively upgraded my pc and scrapped the hz and a 60hz for a hz ultrawide which I absolutely love. However the same issue still persists. This is a massive issue for me now as I would love to get into streaming but I can't have OBS or my stream open on my secondary without the primary stuttering horrendously. I've noticed the issue is visible in my test streams but not always visible in VLC recordings?

I have no idea why that would be. Are there any other fixes that people have found that works? What can we do as a community to get this issue looked at as a priority? I don't want the fix to have to be fork out for another monitor to match my primary refresh rate. October 6, Due to high volumes, response times in the community may be delayed over the next few days.

This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I recommend this discussion P henomnomnomJones. So I had this similar issue at one time what I had to do in order to fix was to reinstall drivers for the GPU and simply reset up the options in Nvidia control panel hope this helps.

Up vote In reply to P henomnomnomJones's post on October 27, I saw this issue last time i tried streaming my pc game play.

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I usually stream xbox. I've just tried again and have been able to game at hz and have the obs preview on the secondary at 60hz. Everything ran flawlessly. Not aware of changing anything, i assumed Microsoft had fixed it in an update.Playing a game at hz and having a 4k video going at the same time will negatively impact performance. Imagine the screen is built up line by line like you writing a page. When I upgrade my PC later I'd like to be able to get fps on a single 4k monitor at ultra settings but right now I just want to make sure the GTX ti I have at the moment can run basic desktop applications, youtube, etc, at hz 4K for both monitors.

Standard monitors do this 60 times per second, or at 60hz, where hz monitors for gaming are able to draw pictures on the screen over twice as fast, totaling new images every second. I've read there can be issues running both hz and 60hz monitors at the same time. Experience up to 4K UHD resolutions, no driver installation required.

However, when it comes to Hz vs Hz, there are more things you should take into account. Jetzt meine Frage. Compare that to a 60Hz monitor, which is updated 60 times per second. I bought a hz acer monitor with my new omen gaming computer which has a gtx and when i connected them and got it running, my game would only show 60hz.

You can also select 60Hz, Hz or Hz to optimise the refresh rate to your game and hardware specs. I would be looking for a 60 Hz monitor as somebody who is not going to play games. Use your TV as a computer monitor: Everything you need to know Most modern displays have a refresh rate of 60Hz, which means they refresh their image 60 times per second. Some people say they cant tell between 60hz and hz. They take up so much bloody room! I don't have any speakers yet. The problem lies in the Mouse settings in your Windows OS.

Setting the refresh rate to hz will cause OBS to drop. Monitors perfect for professionalgamingdesignphotography, this dual 2k setup with included mount is the desk setup for a clean and stylish look Like new I got myself a hz monitor just the other day as well as my old secondary monitor I run dual monitors so I couldn't stand one monitor anymore died on me.

Can push over frames on the game I want to use it for. Great for a variety of applications, the 22" onn. But with Windows 10 there's a major issue. When buying a high refresh rate gaming monitor, there are additional things you need to consider such as the panel type, screen resolution, and adaptive-sync technology. The dvi cable included is almost certainly dual link.

They all had the same problem of experiencing video lag or stuttering while playing a game on the Hz monitor while displaying something animated on the secondary monitor, whether it be youtube. I can clearly see that only the mouse cursor is running at hz but others windows ect.Take a look what it takes to run dual Hz gaming monitors.

Multiple displays create big desktop space for multitasking and of course gaming. Twice the display size equals many times the joy for lots of people, and with good reason. High speed Hz gaming monitors with thin bezels stack up very nicely next to each other, creating a nearly seamless mega-sized window into your favorite games and entertainment, such as streaming apps.

Dual Monitors with Different Refresh Rates

As mentioned above, you also get a huge desktop for non-gaming usage. However, remember that by going the multiple display route you may need to sacrifice pixels for frames.

Needless to say, the best way to connect dual Hz displays to your PC is the direct approach. Any modern GPU will have several video outs, so you should just plug each of your two monitors to your graphics card directly. Despite efforts to duplicate screens via the OS or GPU drivers without the full computational cost of an independent display, the rule of thumb still remains true: if you have two Hz monitors each with a resolution of xyour GPU needs to be able to drive an actual resolution of x In desktop, non-3D modes you should be fine, as the GPU will treat both monitors as one x display, but for gaming the GPU will be forced into 3D mode and try to render each monitor separately.

If you want to stick to Hz, then 4K at those framerates requires the most powerful GPU currently available. The best advice is to have a graphics card that can drive two monitors in your chosen resolution and framerate. If you can have dual graphics cards in your PC then your performance issue is essentially solved.

The best option is DisplayPort. Your graphics card likely has two DisplayPort outs, so simply run a cable from the ports on your graphics card to the in ports on your monitors. HDMI 2. Conversely, DisplayPort 1. With DisplayPort, you have the option of daisy chaining monitors. That means instead of connecting both screens with two cables to your graphics card, you use one cable from the card to the first monitor, and then another cable from the first monitor to the second monitor.

Again, the best approach is to plug both monitors directly to the graphics card via DisplayPort. For desktop use, just go to Start, Settings, and Display.

Look at the Multiple Displays section. Both monitors should be there, if not then click Detect to manually find them. You can now choose to duplicate the display have two identical desktops on the two monitorsor extend one giant desktop encompassing both monitors. If you just set the dual screens up in Windows, they may work for gaming, as many modern titles detect such a setup and will go into windowed fullscreen mode.

This will actually spare your GPU, as it will not be counted as two distinct displays. However, you will almost certainly not get Hz but rather 60Hz at most.

You can assign a primary display, and detect screens just to make sure the right ones are listed. With AMD, also right click anywhere on your Windows desktop.

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You should be able to see both monitors listed. You can now create an Eyefinity profile, which may help alleviate some performance and compatibility issues. Having dual screens can be great and bring a lot of joy to your life, which is worth it on its own. On dual screens, that is.IN Gaming PCs. In Hardware. Please share your forum-specific feedback and bug reports in the Forum Feedback community.

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Only post pics of rigs in this thread. Look Here. Pope6ty7 1. Low GPU utilization in some games. Nvidia Highlights Shadow Play not working with Fortnite. GameplayHD 2. Very dark video after Uploading to YouTube. L0lo23 0. RelvionCircuit 0.

We want the feature to be able to access our own save files and game folders! Are these RTX cards overpriced? Aryan Ps3 0.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Tales of Zestiria Store Page. Global Achievements. Xenogear View Profile View Posts. I think i just found out something ammazing,Probably someone did it already before or anything but im going to share it with everyone here that is annoying by the game stutters.

I found a workaround that will fix it for everygame you gonna play with just a small tool and setup. I tested it with quake live fps game and setted it customly to hz and works like a dream now. Also tested tales of zestiria in hz and works buttersmooth 30 as well. I got a hz screen so with this tool i can make any refresh rate up to hz. I will explain in steps what you need to do its not hard at all.

Just a need to know. For zesteria its locked at 29,9fps to be correct so for this game you dont need it now. Once you open the file you need to delete all your current resolutions and make it empty.

Now you gonna add a resolution for tales of zestiria. Sinds the game is In the add option press LCD Reduced. After that you write the exxact HZ that you want. See picture below. After that just set your monitor on 60hz or whatever you want and start the game.

War thunder control setup

Your monitor will be running in Even if you make hz like i did you can set your monitor also on hz in windows. For me it works ammazing! Dont forget to put your tales profile for vsync on applicaiton controlled and turn v-sync on in the game. Have fun playing tales of zestiria in the most stutterfree option that i could find.The refresh rate is basically referred to the number of times an image refreshes on the screen in one second.

How to run two gaming monitors at 144Hz

The units in which the refresh rate is measured is termed as Hertz Hz. I think I have already written much on this topic in my previous article. So I would recommend you to first go through it. In this article, I have given a brief comparison between all the four versions. In short, I have covered each and every aspect. I hope this will help you! Below is a complete step by step guide which will help you to set your monitor to Hz.

If you are a gamer then this article is a must read for you. It will just take five minutes at maximum for doing so. If you are a Windows 7 or Windows 8 user, then you need to follow the below-mentioned steps to enable Hz in your monitor. For Windows 10 users, here is a complete step by step guide which you to follow to set your monitor to Hz. If your monitor supports a higher refresh ratebut the option is unavailable that there is a great probability that you are not using DVI-D port or the display port.

If you want to switch smoothly, then I would prefer you to use the cable that comes with the monitor. Else you can also go with a high-speed HDMI cable. If you are still not able to enable Hzthen there is a huge probability that you need to re-install or update the graphics drivers. You can also try setting a lower resolution because sometimes, the display supports higher refresh rate but only at a lower resolution. Source: How To Geek. I hope this article would have been helpful to you.

And now you would be able to set your monitor to Hz. Still, If you have any query, then you can ask through comments. I am the founder of Tech Toogle, where I write a few words aiming at igniting knowledge of technology. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Table of Contents. Laksh Mohan. Publisher Name.


About The Author. Laksh Mohan I am the founder of Tech Toogle, where I write a few words aiming at igniting knowledge of technology. Related Posts. Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Search for:. Pin It on Pinterest.Overview Features. Sign In. Rank: Racing Permit. When starting up FM7 i was really excited to see it run at Hz, but i came across a really annoying factor, stutter.

First thing i did was check the fluidity, in ForzaVista rotating around the car at a steady medium speed, and here i saw two stutters every time when doing a degrees rotation. Even when i quitted the game and setting my monitor to 60Hz didn't solve the problem, the stutter was always there.

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Here i was, really disappointed, because i didn't had this with my other 60Hz monitor, i was beginning to regret buying this Hz monitor. If you check the last line at the bottom of the list you'll see an option with your monitor's name to override the set refresh rate set from within a game.

Normal setting is that it's controlled by the application Finally the background mountains in Dubai doesn't stutter anymore when turning around the corners uphill.

Dual monitor setup 144hz+60hz

No more stutter when doing a degrees rotation in ForzaVista, all stutters are gone. Now it's a real joy the see everything move at a rock solid, silky smooth, no stutter, 72 FPS cap at Hz! It fixed my problem, will it fix yours? Man, Turn 10 is really pushing it's luck As it turns out Like my previous setting was messed up of some sort, due to all these tests! So what could i do to bring back the NON stutter environment like it was before?

When upon restarting FM7, these files will be recreated Must of been corrupted due to the multiple change. If for some reason you get the stutter again, reapply "Highest available" refresh monitor setting at the bottom of the NVidia Control panel and delete the cache files, and again there will be no stutter. To what length one has to go through to make this game visually stable

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